Q. What is Trickbank.com?
A. Trickbank.com is a website that provides you mathematical tricks with which you can become a professional trick master in your friends and public.
Q. Can I use these tricks as a profession?
A. You can certainly learn these tricks and use them as a profession. Read our Terms of Service Page for further details.
Q. How are these tricks different from any others?
A. These Tricks are different from others because these are Tested and verified. Trickbank.com gives you full money back guarantee for the accuracy of these tricks.
Q. Can I resell or redistribute these tricks?
A. At one time where you can use these tricks professionally, you are limited by copyright laws not to distribute or resell these golden tricks whether through print or electronic media without written permission. 
Q. Are there any legal issues regarding these tricks?
A. No there are no known legal issues regarding this tricks until abided by the New York State Laws or any laws in the jurisdiction of your locality.
Q. What can I do with these tricks?
A. If you are a student you can perform these tricks in a school exhibition to impress the visitors and make money by telling them itís secret. If you want to become a Professional Trick Master, you can easily start your own business by showing these math tricks in busy centers, parks or in college or school exhibitions.
Q. How can I get these tricks?
A.You can get these tricks by clicking the Order Now button below each trick and paying through different measures.
Q. What are the methods to pay for your tricks?
A. You can pay through Paypal, Online check and credit card.
Q. Do you accept wire transfer etc?
A. No we do not accept wire transfers.
Q. I do not have a credit card, pay pal or online check? How can I buy these tricks?
A. You can not buy these tricks until unless you have one of those payment options.
Q. I have placed the order but havenít received my trick yet?
A. Your payment needs to be confirmed before we send you the trick. After you place the order, we verify your payment and then an email is sent to you with the download link of trick.
Q. What if your trick doesnít work?
A. We provide 100% guarantee that our tricks work. If in any case, you think our tricks donít work, you can contact us and we will give you 100% money back.
Q. How will I get the money back?
A. You will receive a check in your name delivered at your door step via mail.

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